Post Production


"I want to thank you for your support while shooting in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for our documentary project...I am sure we have achieved a great production." –Alexa Jacobs - N. V. Film Corporations, UK

"A quick note to say what a wonderful job your team did for me on my shoot in India. I thanked them myself, but wanted you to know when you were away for your production." –Ethan Carr - Ethan & Friends Telefilms, Australia

"Thank you for everything, organizing the crane at such short notice and providing us with a great camera man and his team.." –Marshall Cook - A to Z Film Company, Brazil

"Thank you so much for all your hard work you have done for us. Please pass on my thanks to all the crew who did a fantastic job." –Marshall Cook - Peter Hutson - Inde Film Director

"I have no words to express my happiness when we were shooting in Banaras. It was looking impossible to shoot there with such a huge crowd but you made it possible for us." –Teresa Cain - Egypt

Cinedreams Productions is a multi-disciplinary postproduction company having talented teams skilled in editing, color grading, graphics, sound mixing and finishing, VFX (visual effects), 2D, motion design, 3D and live action.

With our outstanding reputation of careful processing of picture and sound at every post-production stage, with hi-standard equipment, post-production follow-up and 24*7 working lab, we stand number one in providing post production services at a very economical budget to professional and indie film makers from all across the world.

Our creative teams are highly skilled in VFX services including, dynamics, particle effects, compositing, wire removals, rotoscopy, matte cutting. Our creative staff has experience in working on major Hollywood films.

We work on FCP (Final Cut Pro for nonlinear editing system and on Avid media. Our facilities includes offline editing, online editing, 2DaVinci color grading suites/2k dci projector and monitor grading, digital effect works, DCP mastering, localization, KDM and subtitle timing service, Blu-ray/DVD-authoring, film scanning and restoration.