Film Festivals


"I want to thank you for your support while shooting in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for our documentary project...I am sure we have achieved a great production." –Alexa Jacobs - N. V. Film Corporations, UK

"A quick note to say what a wonderful job your team did for me on my shoot in India. I thanked them myself, but wanted you to know when you were away for your production." –Ethan Carr - Ethan & Friends Telefilms, Australia

"Thank you for everything, organizing the crane at such short notice and providing us with a great camera man and his team.." –Marshall Cook - A to Z Film Company, Brazil

"Thank you so much for all your hard work you have done for us. Please pass on my thanks to all the crew who did a fantastic job." –Marshall Cook - Peter Hutson - Inde Film Director

"I have no words to express my happiness when we were shooting in Banaras. It was looking impossible to shoot there with such a huge crowd but you made it possible for us." –Teresa Cain - Egypt

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